domestic green house | home green house |indoor grow tent kit

A greenhouse for domestic growers, strong and resistant to extreme external conditions, simple to assemble.
Standard size: width 1.85 m, length 3.73 m, height 2.04 m. Can be enlarged.


The incubator structure is made of aluminum flour (25mm * 25mm) in the form of dipelite (cold galvanized) with three reinforcing arches.
Simple construction by special nuts (LEGO construction).
The cover of the greenhouse is made of a transparent “crystalline” 88% polyester woven with crisscross straps.
Folding side curtains for maximum ventilation.
The greenhouse is covered with a network of fire to prevent the entry of pests and flares.
A rolling entrance door is locked by scoops.
The greenhouse base can be a wooden frame (rail sills), a low concrete belt, a 15 cm cladding or lying on the surface reinforced by four internal pegs at the corners of the greenhouse.